We're a one-stop recruiting shop for startups.

We partner with small to mid-size teams that have aggressive growth plans. Let our team solve the structural and operational problems that pop up when building a recruiting funnel so you can focus on what you do best!

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We are not your typical
recruiting agency.

We believe that the key to scaling your team is designing an effective recruiting process that encompasses all the hiring and organizational best practices, not just sourcing good candidates and throwing them over the fence. That's why we focus on establishing structures and processes that will continue to support and encourage growth.

The Recruiting Journey

We help you grow as
you embark on your
recruiting journey.

Stage 1: Building the funnel

You found your first few hires through personal and professional networks, but now you’re running out of options. You’re staring at a blank page wondering how to even begin setting up a proper recruiting funnel.



Stage 2: Scale across roles

You have some processes in place and are looking to build things out into repeatable motions that you can scale across roles. You have some momentum and want to capitalize on it to create a reliable, efficient funnel.



Stage 3: Fixing the squeaky joints

You have a full-cycle recruiting funnel set up (or something close to it), but it’s missing a few gears or has some squeaky joints. Your team doesn’t have the bandwidth to fix them, but you know you have to do something.



Hands-on recruiting

We also provide best-in-class
recruiting services so you can
build the plane as you fly it.

Candidate Sourcing

Throwing candidates at the wall and hoping some stick is not an acceptable strategy in our eyes. We'll conduct targeted searches so you can focus your efforts on the right people.

Personalized Nurturing

Nurturing is the first touchpoint you have on a potential hire. We'll help you make a great first impression—and we boast an average 48.5% response rate!

Initial Screening

Resumes can be tough to wade through and sometimes misleading. We’ll do the initial screening so that your team can spend their time on the most promising candidates.

We create bespoke solutions for your company.

Our Services

Let’s build a recruiting
funnel together.

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Featured Clients

We care about more
than just numbers.

“Nicole has been a transformational addition to Ribbon Health! She’s been instrumental in establishing our talent acquisition process to be scalable, unbiased, and effective. Most importantly, she’s embraced the team’s values-driven culture and worked closely with us to make sure that we can not only maintain, but strengthen our environment as we scale.”

“Nicole partnered with Apollo across recruiting and sales, proving extremely effective at gathering input from stakeholders and defining clear project requirements. From boosting Apollo’s passive candidate response rate to unifying our sales and marketing data in a brand new Customer Data Platform, Nicole is the type who can plug in anywhere and bring value by creating order out of chaos.”

“Nicole was phenomenal working on Fermat Capital’s hiring needs. She quickly understood our target and goals, sourced a well-curated list of candidates, and developed a comprehensive interview agenda. Our hiring processes were streamlined from months to mere weeks, enabling us to find our ideal risk analyst. Without Nicole, we would have required more time and energy only to find a sub-optimal hire.”

“Fermat R&D team solicited Nicole’s assistance in recruiting an analyst. This was the first time we embarked on a formal recruiting process, which she helped us track and iteratively learn from. This was helpful in being constantly aware of what stage the process was in and where it was headed, both overall and with each candidate.”

“Nicole brings her clients a compelling toolbox for elevating teams. She has the rare combination of soft-skills, to understand personalities and dynamics before suggesting organizational improvements, and structured-skills, to deliver concrete talent frameworks. At Fermat, Nicole helped reorganize the software team to flourish under new leadership. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for impactful change in their talent assets.”

Let’s build a recruiting
funnel together.

Thank you! We will be in touch shortly.

Thank you! We will be in touch shortly.